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Richmond Primary School Richmond Primary School

Student Wellbeing

We know that our students’ wellbeing is the foundation for their engagement in learning and success at school. As a result we monitor wellbeing closely and implement programs and processes supported by our Student Counsellor.

We aim to create a safe, supportive and productive learning community where children are taught to be successful citizens.

Programs and processes which promote positive student well being include:

  • class and school codes of behaviour
  • class meetings and Circle Time
  • social skills programs
  • clubs, camps and sporting activities
  • student citizenship programs and Student Council

Responsible behaviour of students is recognised and encouraged in the classroom through encouraging feedback, special activities, stickers or certificates.
Whole school recognition occurs at assemblies, through involvement in special school projects, awards and articles in the newsletter.

We treat breaches of our school codes of behaviour as an opportunity for students’ personal learning and development. We take a ‘restorative approach’ aiming to repair relationships rather than punish and apply agreed natural consequences to restore the situation.

Parents are notified of any breaches via a white form. The main purpose of the form is to notify you of the incident and consequence in order to assist you to discuss it with your child and support their social learning.

Behaviour of a violent or illegal nature, bullying or sexual/racist harassment is treated very seriously. Such incidents are referred immediately to the Leadership team and dealt with according to DECD Policy.