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Richmond Primary School Richmond Primary School

Speech & Language Class

Speech and language class student working with teacher

Richmond Primary School hosts a Speech & Language class which is part of a statewide facility that caters for students who experience language delays and/or speech difficulty.

In a small class of eight junior primary students aged between five and eight years, students are supported to develop communication skills by the teacher, School Services Officer and speech pathologist. The class follows a Junior Primary program with a strong language focus, particularly in oral language.

students in speech classThere are 5 other classes across the metropolitan area. To meet eligibility criteria, hearing and cognitive skills must be within average range. The class does not cater for students whose learning needs are associated with global developmental delay, intellectual disability or an identifiable syndrome or disorder. Eligible students are already on a Negotiated Education Plan and meet strict eligibility criteria, which informs selection by a panel process. More information about the selection process can be found at http://www.sa.gov.au/topics/education-skills-and-learning/health-wellbeing-and-special-needs/disabilities-and-special-needs/speech-language-and-hearing

After completion of the program at the end of Year 2, students are supported to successfully continue their education at their local school.