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Richmond Primary School Richmond Primary School

Governing Council

Governing Council supports planning, policy formation and decision making to provide quality care and education in our school. The Governing Council and leadership of the school work in partnership to support the learning needs of our students.

Governing Council is accountable to the Minister for developing, negotiating and meeting the objectives and targets of the school’s Improvement Plan.

Governing Council’s main functions are to:

  • Focus on student learning outcomes in collaboration with the school staff
  • Represent the whole school community in understanding local educational needs
  • Set general directions for the site
  • Monitor and report on achievements (and its enterprises such as OSHC)

Governing Council meets on Week 4 Monday at 6pm and week 8 Wednesday 6pm. Parents are elected to Governing Council at the AGM. Parents may join any committee of Governing Council (except Finance) without being a member of the Council.


Out of School Hours Care (OSHC):

Manages our OSHC Program.


Plans fundraising and social activities and events to supplement our annual finances

After School Sports Committee:

Runs the extra curricular sports programs at Richmond and supports our annual Sports Day. This committee relies on active parent participation.


Advises the Principal on major directions for grounds and facilities


Made up of the Treasurer, Finance Officer and Principal, this committee prepares the annual budget, monitors spending and reports to Governing Council on the financial status of the school.


Parents interested in being on Governing Council or any of its committees are invited to contact the Chairperson of Governing Council - Louise Ryan
through the school’s contact number.