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Richmond Primary School Richmond Primary School

Absences and Attendance Policy

If your child is absent please contact the school by 9.00am. We require notification in writing to explain why your child is late or absent.


RPS has a whole school approach to Student Attendance at School. As a school we recognise that the majority of students attend regularly. There are some for whom attendance and lateness is a concern. Research indicates that poor attendance often results in lower learning achievement, poorer self-esteem and less success at school in general.


Our purpose is to ensure students can access the school curriculum and achieve to their potential educationally, socially and emotionally. Research indicates that success in learning is strongly linked to regular attendance and appropriate participation in educational programs. It is crucial that children and students develop habits of regular attendance at an early age, even from the time they are enrolled in preschool.

Roles and Responsibilities

Improving attendance is best achieved through a whole school approach involving families and school staff. Staff Will record and monitor attendance procedures and refer concerns to school leadership. Leadership will follow the Attendance operating guidelines and refer major concerns to Regional Office. The particular issues will be worked through using a partnership approach involving all parties concerned.

Parents, caregivers, students

Will recognise the importance of attendance and work with school staff to overcome any barriers to regular attendance. There is a Student Attendance pamphlet available to assist in this process. Students will be expected to make every effort to attend school regularly and to be on time. Support can be offered from home and school.

A school student attendance pamphlet (191KB) is available for all students, parents and staff members.